About Me

“I became an Elder Law attorney in large part due to my experience caring for my mom.   She was afflicted with a neurodegenerative disease in early middle age.

I help people at different periods in their lives, but often during moments of medical crisis; for example when a parent suffers a massive stroke or has a bad fall and can no longer live alone.  If you are caring for that parent, there is a moment of panic when you realize everything is crashing down around you and you have to figure out an entirely new world for that parent.  Where will they live, who will care for them, how will you pay for it…all of these decisions are suddenly in your hands, and they need to be addressed right now.  This can be incredibly stressful and challenging.  I help clients get oriented as to what they can expect in the future and what their options are now.  I prepare estate planning and I work with them to find care in the home, or care outside of the home as the situation warrants.  I explain public benefits like Medicare, Medi-Cal and SSI and help them get eligibility if they need it.

At other times I work with clients who simply want to plan for the future. They want to understand what could happen if they are in failing health one day, how to address costs of care, how to ensure that the courts won’t be involved, that sort of thing.  They also want to figure out who gets what when they die, and how to keep things simple for their families.  Planning at this stage can be straightforward and very reassuring.”

Loyola Law School, 2006, J.D.
Wesleyan University, 1999, B.A.